Look, and see that the LORD is good, he reigns over the house of Israel forever.

My heart has sought him, my ears have heard him; blessed is he who has heard his word!

Any man who sees him gains life eternal: having lost his life, he gains it.

Enter into his gates with a new song, sing it before him in his sanctuary.

He ever speaks to us, with life eternal in his hands.


With Israel the LORD is ever faithful, with the sinners he deals mercifully.

Should we transgress, his love endures morning upon morning.

Behold, we have fallen away; our pact's terms we have broken.

But the LORD Almighty has sent to us teachers, to us prophets are given:

That we might be the faithful children of our God in heaven.

The LORD will restore his covenant with the house of Israel,

And to the ends of the earth he will extend his hand of mercy.


The LORD promised to Abraham many sons, and to Isaac the father of a new nation.

The God of Jacob knows that from Judah shall arise the great king of all kings.

And upon this stone of help, shall come forth the spring of eternal life,

and the wisdom of all ages unknown to man. The LORD said to my lord,

"Son of man, descend into the depths of the earth, bring yourself low into the heart of the sea.

For just as you have brought yourself low, so shall you be lifted up.

Seek out and find my blessed house of Israel: the man most beloved.

For it was written in the book of righteous that the blessed God shall come down;

bringing the sound of his voice to the lost, and the sobering flow of his stream to the drunk."

Nevermore shall Israel transgress; never more shall the kings of the nations triumph!

For our God-with-us, Immanuel, lives among us forever!

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